The Owners

The Managers

"After over forty years of ranching and teaching together and a shared Scottish heritage, many blessings fell upon us. We were financially able to make an investment, a sweet lady was ready to sell her beautiful property, and our granddaughter was ready to begin her life after college. We loved the land and believed it was the best possible investment, so we purchased this unique property. Many family discussions and idea exchanges later, a plan was made for the M2 (Millie and Moo) ranch. After a little over a year of work by family and friends, Teaghlach Meadows became a reality. We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience at our 'Family Meadows'"

--Mildred and Stayton Weldon

"In 2014 our lives were going in a whole other direction. I, Kayla, had graduated from Texas State University and was trying to figure out my next step in life. Logan was studying Music Business in San Antonio. When my grandparents called with this crazy idea of purchasing a 127 acre ranch and wanting us to consider running it, we had to say yes. After a year of hard work, planning our own wedding, and getting prepared to launch this business we are so excited to share it with all of you! We are so eager to begin our married life together on this business adventure. We feel so blessed to have this opporunity and can't wait for our guests to enjoy this place like we have!"

--Kayla and Logan Pickett