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The Manager


"After over forty years of ranching and teaching together and a shared Scottish heritage, many blessings fell upon us. We were financially able to make an investment, a sweet lady was ready to sell her beautiful property, and our granddaughter was ready to begin her life after college. We loved the land and believed it was the best possible investment, so we purchased this unique property. Many family discussions and idea exchanges later, a plan was made for the M2 (Millie and Moo) ranch. After a little over a year of work by family and friends, Teaghlach Meadows became a reality. We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience at our 'Family Meadows'"

--Mildred and Stayton Weldon

"After graduating from Texas State University with a degree in theater I was on a search for the next step in my life. My grandparents called with an opportunity I couldn't refuse and so my boyfriend and I moved back to our hometown to open a business on this gorgeous ranch. After 1.5 years of work we opened in January of 2016 with my own wedding reception as the first event. We've continued to improve and grow the last 6 years and hope to continue to bring you all an experience you'll never forget while celebrating your special days! This company is truly a 'family' affair and we have had the most fun hosting so many types of events and guests from all over! Cheers to many more years at M2 Ranch"

-Kayla Pickett

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